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Forecasting the Future of Ransomware
 News photo Trend Micro - Despite efforts on the part of enterprises to educate staff and enhance their ability to prevent infection, ransomware attacks still ...
The Inner Workings of Fake News
 The Inner Workings of Fake News
Trend Micro - Now that this concept has garnered so much attention across the globe, it's time to take a ...
A New Perspective on Meritocracy
Open Health News - Meritocracy is a common element of open organizations: They prosper by fostering a less- ...
CrowdMed, Figure 1 work together to engage doctors, solve medical mysteries
Mobi Health News - Figure 1, the Instagram-like social network for doctors to share medical images, and CrowdMed, a ...
DNA Logic Gets Much Faster
 DNA Logic Gets Much Faster
IEEE Spectrum - Technique for organizing DNA molecules closer together on chip boosts processing speeds
Hinge Health raises $8M to support expansion of remote monitoring program for chronic pain
MedCity News - The new funding will be used to add staff and product development to expand its program for ...
Prototype app helps children with chronic diseases develop proper medication habits
The Medical News - As many as 19 million U.S. children suffer from at least one chronic medical condition such as ...
Our 'attachment style' reflected in Facebook use, study finds
Medical News Today - Attachment style is thought to play a role in one-to-one relationships.
UMD scientists develop new bio-compatible ionic current-generating battery
The Medical News - Engineers at the University of Maryland have invented an entirely new kind of battery.
New Surgical Glue Sticks Well to Wet Objects, May Replace Sutures, Staples
Medgadget - At Purdue University scientists have developed a new surgical glue that’s based on the proteins ...
Dodging $938M in damages, Amphastar prevails in Momenta, Sandoz patent fight
FiercePharma - In a long-running patent fight over Lovenox copycats, Amphastar finally prevailed Friday, with a ...
Cyber Insurance Rates to Rise' What Should I Do?
Trend Micro - Organizations manage risk in three ways: they accept it, they take out insurance against it, or ...
AI will fix healthcare 's biggest and least sexy problem
 AI will fix healthcare
MedCity News - AI is quietly solving another big problem that has long plagued healthcare: waste and inefficiency.
WebMD acquired by Internet Brands, a portfolio company of KKR, for $2.8 billion
Mobi Health News - WebMD Health Corp., operators of the popular WebMD website, is being acquired by Internet Brands, ...
AMSBIO launches new ELISA-like kit to detect and measure Hyaluronic Acid
The Medical News - AMSBIO announces the launch of a new Hyaluronic Acid Quantification Kit, based on a highly ...
Likarda uses INTEGRA’s VIAFLO ASSIST to automate cell-based assay development
The Medical News - INTEGRA has published a new video that demonstrates how US-based biotech contract research ...

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