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1 'Love Nikki' Night Castle Event Guide: Tips For 2v2 Stage Battles and More - Newsweek
2 Who is Tariq Premji? IT czar Azim Premji’s younger son who has joined Wipro Enterprises board - The Financial Express
3 Consultants Say This is Where the Apparel Industry Has Gone Wrong - Sourcing Journal Online
4 Wyoming governor candidates debate encouraging tech at forum - Washington Times
5 Invented at Duke, Financed in Beijing: Powerful Spy Camera Shows China's AI Ambition - The Wall Street Journal
6 Sentinel Capital sells RotoMetrics - PE Hub
7 Video: Rudy Giuliani Takes in Table Dance During Israel Holiday, Appears to Enjoy It - Newsweek
8 Knauf buying building products maker USG in about $7B deal - My News 13
9 Marlins Man's bookkeeper takes him for $1.5 million - Sun Sentinel
10 China-based Transsion now eying India smartphone market -
11 JPMorgan is chasing a $3 billion opportunity in places like Atlanta, Dallas, and Seattle' and it's raised the stakes in Wall Street's race for national dominance (JPM) - Business Insider
12 Facebook kicks off pride month 2018 with a bunch of new stickers and backgrounds - The Next Web
13 Elon Musk's plans for Tesla keep getting weirder and it could put the company's future at risk (TSLA) - Business Insider
14 PE-backed Rizing buys Aasonn - PE Hub
15 Second South Florida middle school faces shakeup - Sun Sentinel

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One last Avengers: Infinity War theory and a Double Dare revival (Stream Economy, Ep. 1) - CNET
CNET - Everyone makes conspiracy theory boards for MCU movies...
Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas Says Holocaust Caused by Jews' 'Social Behavior' and Money Lending
Newsweek - The Palestinian Authority president gave a conspiracy theory-laden speech.
Conspiracy Theory Belief is not the Same as Paranoia
Newsweek - Conspiracy theories are often wrong, but they don't make believers clinically paranoid.
Trolls and Bots Moved Fast to Politicize Texas School Shooting on Social Media
Fortune - Fake social media profiles and spurious conspiracy theories threaten to deepen America's ...
All Enemies, Foreign, Domestic, Real And Imagined: Full Week Ahead Preview
Deal Breaker - Shifting alliances, political turmoil, conspiracy theories and just the usual insanity.
Bill Maher on Roseanne Barr's Racist Tweet:'Bordering on Presidential'
Newsweek - 'So full of racism, conspiracy theories and personal attacks. Abhorrent, bordering on presidential.'
Stephen Colbert Mocks Melania Trump 'Disappearance':'It Took That Shawshank Guy Years to Tunnel Out'
Newsweek - The First Lady's time out of the spotlight has given rise to conspiracy theories and memes alike.
Roseanne Barr Apologizes for Calling Black Obama Adviser an 'Ape' in Conspiracy-laden Tweets
Newsweek - Barr, a devoted supporter of President Donald Trump and purveyor of far-right blogs, also ...
Was the moon landing faked? Controversial Nibiru author David Meade weighs in on NASA Apollo 11 hoax
 Was the moon landing faked? Controversial Nibiru author David Meade weighs in on NASA Apollo 11 hoax Mirror - The controversial author has addressed long-held conspiracy theories that NASA never actually ...
Rudy Giuliani: Top FBI Officials Would Have Told Obama About 'Spygate'
Newsweek - Giuliani, the latest addition to the Trump legal team, bolstered the president's FBI conspiracy ...
CNN's April Ryan Says Melania Trump's Spokeswoman Is Creating 'Atmosphere of Hate'
Newsweek - The pair argued over an article exploring the conspiracy theory that the Trump administration is ...
Why Do People Believe in Conspiracy Theories? Maybe They Aren't Very Smart, Science Warns
Newsweek - Results revealed that individuals who overestimated their knowledge of political policies were ...
Report: Millions of tweets spread anti-Semitic messages - Millions of anti-Semitic messages on Twitter have spread negative stereotypes and conspiracy ...
Sandy Hook Parents Sue Alex Jones for Defamation
 Sandy Hook Parents Sue Alex Jones for Defamation The New York Times - Mr. Jones and his conspiracy theory website Infowars have long claimed that the killing of 26 ...
YouTube ran ads from hundreds of brands on extremist channels
 YouTube ran ads from hundreds of brands on extremist channels CNN Money - Ads from over 300 companies and organizations ran on YouTube channels promoting white ...
Marvel’s Phase 4 will remain a secret until 2019
Daily Dot - Dont expect any new announcements this year.
Can tech help to prevent mass shootings?
Metro - Student holds hands up with dont shoot written on his palms
The UK Government's Skripal Conspiracy Theory (Or How To Hold A Mass Of Contradictory Thoughts In Your Head)
Zero Hedge - Authored by Rob Slane via, The Official Narrative on the poisoning of Sergei and ...
Jennifer Rubin: Blame these people for Trump 's outrageous attack on truth and U.S. law enforcement
The Salt Lake Tribune - President Donald Trump went into crazy conspiracy mode Wednesday morning, perhaps ...
'If': The magic word for President Trump's conspiracy theory
 CNN Money - In many of President Trump's comments about an alleged "spy" in his presidential campaign, there' ...

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2 Survey: 63% of Thai workers expect disruption - Bangkok Post, 47 mins ago
3 Which NSW suburbs contribute the most in stamp duty? The results may surprise you - Australia Broadcasting Corporation, 47 mins ago
4 Residents fume as HNZ pays 1.35m for Pūriri Parkland destined for state housing development - The New Zealand Herald, 47 mins ago
5 Worldclear chasing $4m after employee Richard Whitham allegedly leaves country - The New Zealand Herald, 47 mins ago
6 Japan May Trade Deficit 578.321 Billion Yen - RTT News, 1 hour ago
7 Samsung Project Valley foldable phone is nothing to cry about - Slash Gear, 1 hour ago
8 UK economy faces weakest growth since 2009, employers warn - BBC News, 1 hour ago
9 Debit card payments more popular than cash - BBC News, 1 hour ago
10 Unilever Demands Influencer Marketing Business Clean Up Its Act - The Wall Street Journal, 1 hour ago
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